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About Stream Radio Live

This lightweight radio extension offers free, convenient access to live radio programs and podcasts via quick links on your new tab. Tune into top channels online and listen to popular music from genres you love. Additionally, get top news stories from across the globe and listen to broadcasts of your favorite sports events. Enjoy celebrity interviews and thought-provoking debates, game analysis and more

  • Hassle-free Radio Streaming

    Tune into 100+ radio channels online from quick links on
    your new tab. Listen to radio music anytime, anywhere.

  • Multiple Genre Access

    Tune into programs of your interest and listen to Christian,
    pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz & other genres of music.

  • News & Sports Updates

    Follow top news stories on politics, finance, business,
    health & more as they unfold. Also, get comprehensive
    sports coverage on the go.